Electrical sequential gearbox with rotative graft
and with integrated assistance motor.

The heart of each Neox is the F8.11: a patented electronic sequential gearbox, with rotative graft and an assiastance motor integrated in the gearbox. It has been thought, designed and produced in Italy directly in Neox laboratoires. It has been designed to offer a beter precision, a bigger control, a better comfort and a bigger efficiency respect any other system kniown till niow in the e-bike world.

Why the F8.11 is so special?

Because it makes special the interaction between the bicycle and the cyclist. Because it is a system all focused on this special device: the F8.11. Once that it is put in rotation by the cyclist, by the movement of the pedals, it allows to change the gear and transmit the movement to the back wheel without any transverse movement inside or outside the gearbox, as it happens in all traditional gearbox.

All the system is controlled by an effort sensor with Neox technology with a couple survey between the primary and secondary gears. An absolute revolution in terms of performances. A revolution that only Neox can guarantee.