Factory Open 4you

We don’t assemble Neox, we build it one by one,
piece by piece, starting from the raw material.

Come visit us, we will show you our production.
You will see by yourself and without any filter where Neox borns,
what we do and how we do it.

Open factory

Open doors for you, from Monday to Friday, with the following hours, from 09 to 12 and from 12 to 16. We wait for you.


Our technicians will show you the society, the production departments and will explain you the functioning of the gearbox, its features, functionalities and news about Neox e-bikes.


After the trial with Neox models you can buy it directly in our factory choosing between:

• Neox 0 km
• Second hand Neox
• Ambassador Neox

Tel. +39.0445.780795

How the post-sale assistance works.

Little ordinary maintenance and regulations out of guarantee.

For ordinary maintenance as tyres and brakes substitutions and variuos regulations pertinent
to the normal use of the bicycle, you can address to your trusted mechanic.

Maintenance under guarantee, extraordinay maintenance, servicing.

(All the spare parts are included in the guarantee. Labour, transport costs and servicing are not)

everywhere in Italy

With Neox Bike Box we collect, everywhere in Italy, with a courrier, your Neox directly from your home or where you prefer. We check it in our laboratories and we will delivery it to you with the same way we picked it up.
For the delivery you have to use the Neox Bike Box you received when you purchased it and follow the instructions:

  • Take off the wheels
  • Place Neox’s frame on the support
  • Close the box (without insert the wheels)
  • Indicate the address SIRAL TECHNOLOGY on the box.

in the zones covered by the service

With Neox Service we arrive for the maintenace directly at your home, in the office or where you prefer. Save time and have more fun!
Expert technical staff will make the maintenance on your Neox, give you useful suggestions and will give you the possibility to test and evaluate the efficiency of the service.

We care about everything…

Request some info about assistance


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