Imagine being able to get around with zero impact and saving, riding an e-bike with unprecedented build quality and design. Neox Urban’s features are perfectly suited to the present day need for a dynamic and safe bike that totally respects the environment.

Lightweight and dynamic, Neox Urban is the bike that allows you overtake all obstacles with elegance and speed: from city traffic to the flooring of old city centres, from long distance on cycling tracks to simple suburban routes. Elegant shapes and a feisty character, it moves fast and agile: performance is assured by the high quality electronics and components. It's the ideal Neox for those who live in the city.

Technical Data

Category Pedelec, max assisted speed 25 Km/h


Frame material NEOX in hydroformed alluminium
Brakes Hydraulic Tektro Auriga Black
Front forks NEOX GX013 28” in alluminium
Rims NEOX Nepal 28” anodized black or white color with bushings
Tyres Vittoria VOYAGER (700x35C) Black or Brown
Gearbox NEOX F8.11 electric with rotational gear change - 8 sequential
1ST- 2,0 mt | 2ND - 2,4 mt | 3RD - 2,7 mt | 4TH - 3,4 mt | 5TH - 4,2 mt
6TH - 5,3 mt | 7TH - 6,7 mt | 8TH - 8,6 mt
Anti-theft NEOX KEY - Mechanical with total block of the rear hub
Anti-theft NEOX PIN - Electromechanical with movements activation
by personal PIN code
Weight 24 kg




Suggested cyclist height from 165 to 185 cm
A: Minimum height of the saddle from ground up
B: Maximum height of the saddle from ground up
C: Cart
D: Interaxle spacing
E: Vertical tube
F: Vertical tube's angle
G: Tube above
H: Steering tube's angle
I: Steering tube
L: Difference central movement shaft/back shaft
M: Vertical central movement shaft/center handlebars stem
N: Horizontal central movement shaft/center handlebars stem
O: Handlebars connection angle
P: Angle of handlebars connection rotation
Q: Minimum height from ground up

Handlebars stem lenght 90 mm
Handlebars width 660 mm
Pedals lenght 175 mm
Ø drop seat post 31,6 mm
Drop seat post lenght 300 mm
Ø wheel with tyre 700 mm
Wheels dimensions 28"

Operating time

Optimal conditions

On a flat route with a speed between 10 and 15 km/h, without contrary wind, temperature about 20°C, road tyres 26"x 2,3  with suitable pressure for an optimal fluidity of wheels rolling,  a cyclist expert on use of electric bikes with approximate weight except the bike of <70 kg.

Normal conditions
Heavy conditions


Optimal 60 km
Normal 45 km
Heavy 25 km


Optimal 75 km
Normal 55 km
Heavy 45 km


Optimal 120 km
Normal 90 km
Heavy 70 km


Optimal 80 km
Normal 65 km
Heavy 45 km